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Submit Your Car!

If you would like a written response, please email


What happens after I hit "Submit"?

Your submission is sent to a database and filed based on location and car. You will be emailed ,via the email you provided, when I will be coming to your area to film. Sometimes it might take several months or longer. I can only travel so much, so I appreciate your patience! If you have a dire question or need to get in contact with me, you can email or DM me on instagram @Shooting_Cars 

What Happens When I Get Emailed?

When I am coming to your area, I will email you the rough dates in which I will be in town. This could be weekdays or weekends, depending on the trip. I ask that you reply as soon as you can to confirm if you are available or not, to make my planning easier and more concrete. Please feel NO obligation to take vacation days, or cancel plans in order to make the review work.

How Long Does It Take To Have My Car Reviewed?

A review usually takes about 1.5 hours PER CAR. This includes 20-30 minutes of driving & talking, then the rest of the time is spent filming the inside and outside of the car for the "Beauty Shots"

Can I Come With You While You Film My Car?

No. I prefer to do the reviews alone. This is mainly so I can think about what I am saying and don't get distracted. However, I am more than happy to share my location during filming or have you follow in a second car (if you have one) if that would make you more comfortable. 

How Clean Should My Car Be For The Review 

This is totally up to the owner! I have no requirements for how clean a car has to be. However you want your car to be seen on camera, is how clean your car should be! The glove box is almost never filmed (unless it is a major feature like a cooled box) so that is a good spot to place personal items. Please keep in mind that the back seats and trunks are filmed as well. 

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